Statewide Interlock Systems Inc.


  Serving the Northeastern U.S.

 Connecticut - Massachusetts - New Jersey

"Our mission as Statewide is to transition our clients back to full driving privileges..."

Statewide Interlock Systems Incorporated is the exclusive distributor for Alcohol Detection Service's ignition interlock:

The DM-904 ignition interlock is state certified and designed for use in connection with drinking driving violations.  It is powered by an ethanol specific fuel cell which can detect alcohol levels which exceed the state mandated set-point. It is a sturdy industry compliant workhorse. This unit offers a reliable, low cost alternative to traditional sanctions for DUI.

Breathe easy with Statewide.  We have the experience to quickly and safely put you behind the wheel again.  Our personal service is the hallmark of our business. We offer extended weekday hours, weekend service and we always have an emergency line available to our clients.


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Breathe Easy With The Determinator

DM-904 a picture of the determinator-Detachable handheld  unit allows for temperature control starts and easy downloads. (Uses exhale/inhale technology)